Huper Optik Thailand Best Ceramic Film

ประวัติ Hüper Optik™ สัมผัสแห่งชีวิต และความเป็นมา

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Chancello Helmut Kohl’s visit and start of the Fraunhofer-SISIR joint study project.

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Titanium Nitride Technology invented at Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft.

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Hüper Optik GmbH Vertrieb von optischen Produkten set up in Munich to undertake the business of Hüper Optik. Business concept launched at distributor conference in USA.

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Pioneer batch of multi-layer nano-ceramic film was manufactured successfully in the sputtering facilities based in Dresden, Germany.

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Hüper Optik Ceramic Series received a patent for its advanced nano- ceramic technology. This is after 6 years of intensive research, field tests and research papers.

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Launch of Hüper Optik’s brand concept around the 3 pillars of Xcite, Xcel, Xceed on 22 August in Goodwood Park, Singapore.

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Hüper Optik Shield 50 Safety Film applied on 8mil thick glass was tested to meet Class 2 standard bomb blast test, qualifying it for use on US government buildings for bomb blast protection.

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Hüper Optik distributor conference held in Bangkok from 11-12 November, focusing on ‘Synergy for Growth’.

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Singapore-based Novomatrix, the former holding company for the Hüper Optik business, acquired the assets of Film Technologies Inc (FTI) based in St Petersburg. Florida, USA.

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500,000 sqft of Hüper Ceramic film were outfitted on 23 cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liners.

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Hüper Optik launched in Asia its front-windshield offering, C70.

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Hüper Optik celebrated its
10-year anniversary on 25 March at The Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai with over 100 participants from more than 20 countries.

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Hüper Optik expanded its network in China.

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Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic 70 window film was awarded with Singapore Green Building Product Certification.